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I had a really good time driving the sedan a few weeks ago.
So I guess the coupe could be great.

I just though this was a nice picture…

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  1. It is made in the US, so I figured it would be less expensive, but it becomes pricey when you add

    (The word verification is a pain in the ass to figure out sometimes when the words are slanted).

  2. Nice. I test drove the Altima sedan about a month ago. It was an I-4 model, CVT…
    The salesman told me to get what I wanted, the MSRP would be between 22-23K , maybe 21K and change after “bargaining”..
    I told him, in 1999, for 21K, I almost got a Maxima(V6, 190HP)that was a lot nicer!
    The dealership/sales staff is what ruined that sale(today, MSRP of Altima and Maxima, with Options, is what kills a deal for me).
    If I am gonna spend this kind of cash, 23K…. I could get a Azera V6 on sale.
    263HP V6, or 175HP I-4? Azera’s 263HP wins!
    May not be as sporty looking… but the extra 88 HP helps, and the larger displacement, extra 2 cylinders, etc…

    Maybe if this were 20K with sunroof?
    Options is what usually kills the deal, adds too much $$$$.
    You can get a Sonata, Optima, Fusion(AWD?), etc…V6’s, too, iirc, for 22-23K+ msrp.
    What happened to the “old” Nissan of 1990-1995…get cars cheaper than anyone else this side of Big 3.
    SE-R comes to mind, as does the NX 2000.Altima came out in Fall of 1992, as a 93 (Stanza Altima…look it up)….14K, offered to us for 13K(w/o sunroof).
    Gimme a break!
    I like it, but not the prices.
    Even the Versa SL is 18K or more, with sunroof, etc..

  3. I’m disappointed that the Altima reviews have been so underwhelming. At best, it’s been called the sportiest (sic) of the boringest class of cars on Earth. Not exactly a compliment. To most journalists (except you Vince), pretty much anything short of being shot off the deck of a aircraft carrier is now considered boring. Even the hacks at Top Gear essentially called the Veyron boring. I think the consumers are getting short-changed because journalists are either bored with their jobs, in denial about their empty lives, or trying to one-up each other (i.e. been there, done that, yawn). These guys need a reality check if they want to keep any of their credibility with the public. It’s gotten to the point where if I actually read a raving review, I suspect that the journalist has been paid off.

  4. one must drive a 100% crap to know what 100% crap is…OR just bitter about driving a 100% crap, so everything else has to be 100% crap and no better.

  5. The new Renault Laguna has taken a couple of stylistic details from the Altima sedan on which it is mechanically based, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the Laguna coup√© bears some resemblance to this. The Altima is nicer than the new Laguna though. It would help Nissan’s plummeting image in Europe if they sold a car like that here, but it seems that Renault’s strategy is to give maximum priority to the Renault brand in Europe, leaving offroaders and niche cars for Nissan, and strengthen Nissan’s range outside Europe.

  6. 100% crap that’s what it is… ???

    I guess douchbag is a suitable description for you…

    Nothing wrong with the car. This segment needs life after the solara is gone. The Honda Accord needs competition and this thing looks a bit sportier.

  7. I sat in a coupe 2 weeks ago. The interior (drivers seat) is much roomier then the accord coupe. Lots of leg room for us tall drivers. But like others have said, options are lumped in packages and an quickly climb to $25-$26K for even the 4 banger.

  8. This car is way overpriced, and the altima itself is as well, because I test drove one two weeks ago and when i saw the maxed out price of 31,298.12, I walked away I just wanted to compare it to my g35 coupe because the inside seats where similar but the car itself is boring as hell.

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