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What you get when you cross a Smart with a Mustang GT 500…

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  1. and the purpose would be…?!?

    it’s like putting an Enzo front on a Smart, or a Caravan front end on a Vette.
    I think it’s a waste of anyone’s time.

  2. If some enviro-con artists have their way, this abomination might be the “performance car” of the future. Yikes!

  3. “and the purpose would be…?!?

    I think it’s a waste of anyone’s time.”

    The purpose is it’s silly. The purpose is it could be done.

    I never get people who need to assign a practical purpose to everything. Do you remember the exact moment when you became a soul-dead old fogey who lost all touch with his imagination and childhood?

  4. Elenor junior. I love it. But really, you know someone in Ford is looking a this and saying that’s a great idea…let’s put it in production in addition to the Mustang sedan and stationwagon they were thinking of building. Please lets not give Ford any bad ideas. It is cool lookin’ though.


  5. it’s silly for us to take over and control United Kingdom, and it CAN be done.

    I NEVER get people who think it’s okay to do something just because he/she believes it’s fine. Slapping a whole bunch of body kits on a car is NOT very imaginative IMHO.

  6. omg its a transexual umm smart or stang either way its imaginative well i hope ford dont buy smart cuz id be scarred to see what that love child would resemble

  7. I drive a 67 Eleanor mustang, I think its pretty creative and really funny. Gotta see it in person though. It’d be pretty funny to have this, with a real Eleanor and a pedal car all in one garage.

  8. That doesn’t look very “smart”… I wonder when the honda boyz are going to make GT500 Vtec Powered by rice body kit like that…

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