Buick Velite heading for production!

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That’s what the “GM people” are saying.
Let’s hope they pull a Solstice on us and don’t change it too much from the 2004 Concept.
It still looks great. If they don’t price it too high, it would be a great alternative the the rather underwhelming new Sebring convertible Limited. Which can already top $34 000.

What else can GM do right????

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  1. That is one good looking car! Buick will have a great little line-up. The blue is actually quite cool, they just need to get rid of the wood.

  2. Wow. Buick, build it! Build it right, and this will become an instant classic!

    Way to reinvent yourself Buick!

  3. I really like the interior. Maybe that isn’t wood but rather cloth inset. Looks like this is Buick’s last chance. Me likey!

  4. OOh, wow, pretty nice, hope its a hardtop convertible, but, i think it would sell betta as a Caddy, but the curvy-ness would not go with the corporate angular Caddy design, what about as a new chevy sunfire convertible?

  5. This concept doesn’t appear to *have* a top. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of top it gets. Beautiful car! I’d consider it, despite my long-standing hatred of anything GM. In fact, there are several new upcoming RWD GM cars that I’m considering too. Who woulda thunk it????

  6. will this be based off of the zeta platform? if so would this be the upscale cousin of the camaro?

  7. It’ll be fun to see how badly GM can screw this one up.

    And too bad since this is a very pretty car.

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