Toyota Premio

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The more upscale version of the Allion.

To me, it does look like a little Lexus….

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  1. it will take time and their time is coming. you can’t keep building ugly cars with alot, i mean alot of problems and expect everything will be ok. Believe it or not, there are idiots out there that still defend toyotas?????? more recalls last year than cars built.

  2. torn ado,

    why you are such much against toyota. it is the worldś biggest for a reason, don´t you think?

  3. Vince, any word of the Toyota Corlla-Matrix?
    Some sites say it will come here at the end of the month. Any pics?

  4. God these care are ugly. “Part” of reason for Toyota’s success due to hype from the media and others who are almost rooting for Toyota to win over American brands. American car companies have their problems and still have problems but as far as reliability, there is no difference. Its all perception.

  5. ur denying reality if u say there’s no difference in terms of reliability, even if ur right, nobody would believe u over countless data and numbers from magazines and consumer guides.

  6. “Part” of reason for Toyota’s success due to hype from the media

    Interesting. Would you care to elaborate? I’ve not seen “the media” hyping Toyotas as you say. If you could cite cases, it would make for a more meaningful conversation.

    Toyota’s overall reliability and sound engineering seems to stand on it’s own. Customer satisfaction is perhaps worth something, too.

    On a similar note, Mercury did very well in recent initial quality surveys. That may not comfort people who keep a car for longer than the warranty period, but it’s worth noting.

  7. If you call this ugly,what would you call American garbage like the Sunfire,Cavalier,Grand Prix etc etc….super UGLY?????Honestly people….admit it…..Toyota does make good cars and they will be the reason for driving GM,Ford and other american makes out of the market.No offence though.

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