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To me, that thing looks pretty cheap. What is so wrong with a small chrome line around the window?

As it is on these pics, it looks like a $15 000 car.
Makes the CRV looks like a Rolls Royce.

And talking about the CRV, since when is a VW even more boring to look at than a Honda???
At least the interior is much nicer than the Jetta. A few curved line made it in….

Maybe it’s one of these cars that “looks better in person”….

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  1. LOL what do you mean it looks cheap?? I think it’s the best looking cute ute to date! Looks pretty expensive to me and this is not the top end model since there’s no climatronic and chrome window trim….I think the design is nearly perfect, simply beautiful! but then again they chose the most borring color for the intro pics as they did with the jetta..

  2. Lot’s of cars don’t have a small chrome line around the windows (Peugeot 308, Mini Clubman and Nissan Altima coupe posted here for instance). Are they cheap-looking, too? As far the oddly-designed CRV being better-looking, get real. The Tiguan is nicer looking than the CRV, inside and out. Nothing can possibly be more boring than a Honda.

  3. I am not sure of the price, but maybe as expensive as a CR-V. Where is this made? Is it true that CR-V will soon be made in Mexico? IF this is true, I will not buy it.

  4. “Good looking” and “Boring” are 2 different things.
    I didn’t say the VW was ugly, or the Honda was good looking.
    The Mini Clubman has a chrome line (But not all around), the 308 is a much cheaper car and the Altima coupe is supposed to be “Sporty”. So no chrome there.
    I just like the chrome line.
    Just a matter of taste.

  5. The rear hatch in the bumper is not a stupid idea. VW dealers can charge lots of money for repairs when you back into something…Oh…Wait…Do you mean stupid idea from the owners point of view? 🙂 I swear the manufactures are all doing this just to throw their dealers a nice big $$$ bone.

    I think it looks nice…Probably will come with that primative 2.5 liter though.

  6. No you said the VW looks cheap. “Looking cheap” isn’t usually synonymous with attractive. And you said compared to the Tiguan, the CRV “looks like a Rolls Royce”. That kind of richness usually implies a certain amount of comeliness. As far as the chrome, yes it’s a matter of taste, though lots of “sporty” cars have chrome around the windows. But here again, what did you mean when you said the Tiguan’s lack of a chrome window surround made it look cheap? Just curious is all.

  7. At least its not fugly like the CRV with the front end looking like it has a big fat lip! This is at least neutral. The best looking small SUV will definitely be Volve V60 if they ever get it to the market.

  8. After making the mistake once of buying a VW (currently own the 06 Passat), I will never do so again. However, this does look nice. I’m with Vince on needing a simple chrome line. Maybe higher versions might get this? Also what is with the black curtain all the way around on the bottom of the car? Why does Audi and VW insist on making it black plastic when you want say, a white colored car!

  9. I think the front looks pretty good and i do like the interior color although i dont get the jeep commander like air vents

  10. its looking typically vw
    boring, but at least ok – vw dont wants to be somethind special or so … with this conservative design, they’ll sell enough cars here in germany , with a 2,0 diesel … its typically vw, i didnt expect anything other — i mean, the vw fox,which is actually importet from brasil, is a very boring looking car, comparing with other ,more attractive small cars on the market here (citroen c1, renault twingo …) — but its a big succes — same thing with the tiguan,which will built in europe, i guess

  11. i really like the tiguan’s exterior styling. the front looks sophisticated (VW’s styling cues work really well on it. far better than on the sedans) and conveys a sense of solidity (even though we all know VWs aren’t reliable). the rear shot it ok – you can tell it’s a jacked-up hatch/wagon. based on the exterior, i could see myself driving this.

    however, the interior doesn’t possess the exterior’s stylishness. the center stack looks dated and the right side of the cockpit looks like it’s just all flat black without any accents. maybe that’s why the photo was taken at that angle.

    and to comment on the cr-v, i like it now that i see it in person every day. it has a solid if not very exciting look to it. I think the interior is nicer than the tiguan’s as well. just fresher looking with more functionality.

    so: tiguan has a nicer exterior, cr-v has a less dated interior.

    maybe the xc60 will have the best of both?

  12. Considering the looks of the newer (and far more expensive) GLK-Class that is soon to be released (or at least what can be seen from spy shots) this tiguan will sell well, because crap (even if its attractive and of a good quality) always sells because of the hype around it.

    The tiguan could be either the ugliest and best-built car, or the prettiest and most poorly-built car, but because its new and “in style” people will buy it.

  13. Also what is with the black curtain all the way around on the bottom of the car?

    I think it’s to lessen the appearance of mass.

  14. Again, more people commenting on looks. Looks are very subjective. Let’s not forget how well VW is currently doing in the States. From a reliability standpoint they are a nightmare and they are priced higher than the competition. This vehicle will start out higher than the CR-V and options will be very expensive.

    Given the publics high acceptance of the latest generation CR-V, I predict that this will not be a strong seller. VW has lost their touch.


  15. glad u finally opened ur eyes

    some of us noticed that japanese cars have been looking better in these recent years

    some would even go as far as saying that korean cars look best (I personally can’t get over korean car engines yet)

  16. Is it just me or does the tiguan look a bit like the 1st gen cr-v in sideview, especially around the wheelarches?

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