2008 Chevrolet Omega

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Ever wondered what a Pontiac G8 V6 with a Chevy front end looks like?
Well here it is.
For Brazil only.

Seems like almost everybody gets their version of the Holden these days.

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  1. We (Europe outside of the UK) are not getting any version yet.

    In UK they’re getting the V8 version as the Vauxhall VXR8.

    I wonder what it would be called if they start selling the Commodore in the rest of Europe. Reviving Opel Omega? Or maybe the old name (1967-1982) Opel Commodore?

    Or why not sell it as a Chevrolet Omega (or Commodore) along with the Korean Chevrolets (Daewoos)?

    Well, I hope we get the car one way or the other. Always nice with new RWD cars.

  2. Hey bobie clutz said no MORE badge engineering and i believed him ! anyways this looks more tastefull than the huge twin nostril of the pontiac imho..

  3. B O R I N G !!!! Car already looks old and boring and GM hasn’t even released it here as the G8. Another car for the rental fleets !

  4. Makes the new Accord look old.

    It also makes the Accord look ugly. This car is clean and handsome (if a tad boring). Chevy could use something this nice here in the States, but NOOOO.

  5. I drove one of these when I was in Australia 6 months ago. I was extremely impressed.
    Believe me they are a great car to drive.
    I was really impressed with the exteria styling & the layout on the inside. Couldn’t believe how much Rear wheel drive makes so much of a difference.
    Two thumbs up by me.

  6. d jones said…

    the chevy logo makes anycar look great!!!!

    Actually, the opposite is true, but this car makes even a Chevy look good.

  7. “I drove one of these when I was in Australia 6 months ago. I was extremely impressed.”

    I concur. I was in Australia for a couple weeks back in May, and put a lot of highway miles on a Holden Commodore with a V6 and another with a V8. While the V6 was nice, the V8 was the perfect highway cruiser. Both were equally aplomb around town. I too was extremely impressed. I look forward to its arrival here in the States.

  8. Also sold as the Chevy Lumina in the oil-rich gulf countries and other parts of the middle east. the statesmen is sold as the chevy caprice there too. both cars come in 6.0 liter 360 hp SS versions and are quite popular too.

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