2008 Ford Kuga

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Coming up next year, from Ford of Europe.
Translation: We won’t get it….

But wait…
Ford US seems pretty desperate right now fopr new and cool cars.
So maybe they’ll actually think about it.
It looks so much better than the new VW Tiguan….

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  1. hmmm, isn’t this the ever-closer-to-production x-max? with shapelier wagon crossovery products coming from major maufacturers, can ford seriously not have engineered this for the NA market? nah.

  2. Well, i don’t know some of you can compare it the VW? it isn’t even out yet, you can’t see the interior and you don’t know how it going to drive…

    Ford USA has the edge, escape and taurus X, you want more?
    The updated escape seems to be selling better than many had expected…

  3. From this picture, the Ford makes the Tiguan look like it came out in 1990.
    And European Ford interiors are usually very nice, with great plastics.
    Pretty much as good as VWs.
    As for the drive, I am pretty sure the Tiguan will drive like a raised up Jetta. Nothing amazing.
    Nothing Euro Ford can’t match.

    The Escape is selling well. And most of them seem to be rental cars. (and they DO look like they came up in 1985..)
    Ford need something mode modern, smaller and cheaper than the Edge.
    They could sell this a s Mercury, easy.

  4. Agreed that Ford europe can at least match VW in every way if not exceed them.

    The updated escape isn’t the most modern facelift but the americans seem to be liking the latest model and from all reports Ford has reduced incentives and fleet sales.

    i can’t wait for this new Ford to launch, everything Ford is releasing in europe lately seems to hit the bullseye.
    I can’t wait until we get the new mondeo down under;)

  5. Let’s just all hope and pray that this will not end up as a crossover replacement for the Ford Escape, just like what honda did to the CR-V. We don’t need anymore wimpy girlie makeovers taking over for real SUV’s!

  6. Looks great. Does’nt matter though since it, like the Mondeo, probably was’nt designed with U.S. standards in mind. So we probably won’t see it here in the U.S.

    As far as the comment made by 6:54pm, no, we don’t want more, we want better.


  7. Hmmm, looks nice. I think we’ve all long given up on Ford having exciting models in the U.S. , this would be cool over here. But do I detect yet another fender vent in this sketch??? heheh

    Another thought —- Is the “KUGA” name meant as a phonetic, tongue-in-cheek play on the old Mercury “Cougar” model name? Lol

  8. Bring some Euro excitement here, please! Ford USA treats its domestic market like red-headed step-children.

    If it ain’t a truck or an SUV, screw you. You’ll take it and you’ll like it.

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