2008 Honda Accord coupe

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This picture was sent to me by “avid reader from Ohio”.

I think the car looks much better in this color than the bright red we saw before.
This will be another big hit for Honda.

I guess we’ll see the whole thing in a month or two.

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  1. By far the bigges seller is the sedan. The sedan is really ugly, has a saturn aura back and a hyundia front. Really fugly. They will continue to lose ground to toyota, GM, Nissan and even Ford with this new accord installment.

  2. Does absoultly nothing for me. It has no flow. It looks pieced together and the square front end is trucky. Not impressed.

  3. I like the coupe. I think it looks better than the sedan. The sedan, although still niced, still seems a bit watered down. I’m looking forward to hearing about the powertrain. Not to change the subject, but the car I’m really waiting for is the new Mazda 6. I’ve seen some new spy photos floating around the net and it’s looking real good. Hopefully better without the camo. It’ll be available with all wheel drive too. Sorry to change the subject.


  4. Nice saturn coupe on ya, hey vinny, there are clear shots, why this????. The Altima coupe side by side should make the honda look even worse……JUNK is JUNK

  5. Well, let’s hope the new Accord is more dynamic than the current version. BORING to drive with only slightly above average quality. Although a good car; it’s just an attractive appliance. I guess that’s what Honda and Toyota ONLY builds. To the advantage of Honda, they build a good looking and comfortable car. Though the 2008 doesn’t look either. Keeping fingers crossed they drive better than they look!

  6. The new Accord sedan will sell in droves. It’s classy–in the manner of BMW, it’ll be beautifully manufactured, it will be comfortable and safe with superb driving dynamics, and it will be priced competitively–the great value that Accords have always been.

    And its value will hold for a superior resale price when it’s time to trade or sell it.

    Maybe the style of the 2008 Accord Sedan is derivative and unexciting, but it’s ideal for sedan buyers.

    Racer boys who want something super-sporty should buy the coupe. That’s why both designs are offered, right?

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    Am too waiting for the new Mazda6.
    I drove the current one last year and loved it.
    A great car. I hope they don’t mess up the new one. But from the spy pics, it looks like they won’t.

  8. There are about a million “spy” pics floating around the internet, which I have to assume is intentional. Looks okay. Not great, but fine for competing against the nerdy Toyota Camry. They don’t look as good as the Aura or even the upcoming Malibu, but Accords will sell better because, with the exception of self-igniting CRVs, Hondas are generally engineered very very well.

  9. Looks ok, but the Altima coupe looks better, and will more than likely cost alittle less, which is a good thing.

  10. I saw an Altima coupe on the highway yesterday with Michigan manufacturer plates… They actually did the Altima coupe justice by not putting cheap “aftermarket” tail lights on it like the blah Altima sedan which I think are rediculous and flat out ugly. Yes the Altima coupe is a nice looking car but compared to my basic 98 Civic DX coupe that I commute to work in .. there was nothing special about it and it still does not posess the refinement that Honda has been able to achieve all these years. I reserve my opinion of the new Accord until I actually experience one. So far what I’ve seen its going to be a winner.

  11. The rear of the new Accord coupe is definitely the better looking end, as the Ridgline nose is downright ghastly.

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