2008 Subaru Outback Sport

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Remember the Outback “Sport”? No one else does….
It’s the Imprezza wagon with an Outback look to it. I almost never see one.

Well, it looks like the next Imprezza will still offer an Outback Sport version.
But unlike the regular Outback (based on the Legacy), this one is just a 2 tone paint job with different wheels.
just like the current one.
Seems like they’re not even trying.

I must say, the new Imprezza design is actually growing on me….

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  1. Subaru, like Chrysler, is in desperate need of good stylists. They make good cars, but, try as I might, I just can’t get excited about the looks of any of them. Certainly not excited enough to pull out the ol’ checkbook…

  2. They just want to be different in respect to its quirky styling and road manner. But I also think the Outbacks also had different interior if I’m not mistaken. Also, didn’t Subaru offer sunroofs on their Impreza line? I don’t see that in the photos.

  3. What’s the point of lowering the ground clearance with lower rocker panels when you are offering 4 wheel drive in the first place? At least the old Outback version offered increased ground clearance!

  4. Overall I like the design…until you get to that wimpy grille that looks like the front end melted in the sun. It needs to be bolder, more upright, less curvy.

  5. I think this car looks good myself. Could it look better? Sure. But I do think it looks good. However I think the Outback version of the Impreza is just freakin’ retarded. To me it’s a useless option. The other versions of the Impreza are ok to me though.


  6. 1995 mazda protege front….wtf subaru, are you trying to ensure that your numbers don’t grow????? JUNK is JUNK

  7. This looks like it has the face of a Seabring with the rear end of a Kia! I am shocked that Subaru would be taking a page from the Chinese companies and their countless knock-offs. Yuck!

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