2008 Toyota Yaris “Sport Model”

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I wonder if this is just some kind of a wheel upgrade, or a real soprt model with a more powerful engine…
we’ll find out later…

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  1. Honda Fit > Hyundai Accent > Toyota Yaris >>> Chevy Aveo.

    That is the order. The Fit is already the sportiest of the bunch. The Hyundai Accent 3 door has a 17″ wheel package which makes it look pretty nice. I have seen a bunch of Accents and Fits running around my area. The Yaris has been a flop here.


  2. “Honda Fit > Hyundai Accent > Toyota Yaris >>> Chevy Aveo.”

    I’m sorry but if you think the Honda Fit looks and acts better as a compact car than a Toyota Yaris, than you really shouldn’t be commenting in the automotive community. The Honda fit is a huge flop compared to the Yaris. Yaris looks better, its actually small like a compact car is supposed to be, and its not an overpriced Honda.

  3. The Yaris outsells the Fit by a good margin. In fact, I believe the Yaris is now the best selling subcompact in the U.S.

  4. Anonymous said…
    The Yaris outsells the Fit by a good margin. In fact, I believe the Yaris is now the best selling subcompact in the U.S.

    12:23 PM

    You are correct.
    IIRC, last month, I read somewhere( monthly auto sales chart) it was Yaris, then Versa, and that was ll I recall . I think the Accent outsold the Fit, but the Rio, it’s almost neck and neck(sometimes Rio outsells Fit… 3000+ units to 2000+ units for FIT, per month).
    Check it out when July sales are reported on Wednesday, Aug 1st this week.

    I haev a rental Accent, and it is not a bad car!! Plastic is not what one would call”best in class”(it’s the most base model, with automatic, cd player,and a/c…no cruise,no sunroof, etc..).
    I was shocked.
    It is getting 35-37MPG….75% hwy(55 mph) and the rest in town(45-25 MPH).

    Stereo is tolerable, but inexpensive.

    I like that Accent SE 3 door. Very nice car, but I looked it up… and MSRP can run around 16-17K with sunroof( which comes with tons of stuff I don’t really need)…asnd cruise(and waay better seats/materials, overall, vs the base model Accent).
    I had seen one for 14,990 or something, on sale recently.
    Now… if they could just add another 15 HP, at least…..(to offest the extra weight from the moonroof, etc, to keep simialr 0-60 times as the sparse,base model Accent, around 10 seconds, or so, or feels like 10!).

    Another car to look out for, for me, will be the SX4 sedanb coming out( rumored to start around 13K+, and top out under 17K , with 143HP…low 30’s MPG, fwd, about the size of the Elantra, for Accent pricing, and 7/100K warranty for drivetrain. relatives 10 month old SX4 cuv, at 24K+ miles… excellent. Very nice indeed).
    Yaris, though?
    Why is the speedometer, guages over the center stack, still?
    That’s annoying!!
    They fixed this issue when they repalced the xA with the xD…soooo(same for the xB….c’mon, guages in front of the driver, behind the wheel, people)…

    It does sell tons, but until they tweak a few minor things… may wait for the rumored Corolla( if I want to spend a few grand more, than the Accent/SX4, etc…)…2009 may have a 3 door version( again, salesman told me it may be the tC replacement,but on Toyota side, and RWD small sporty car will replace the tC in 2008..as an 09, maybe like the Fuse?)
    Sorry to be all over here.
    Anyhow… the Versa is nicer, to me( CVT,0-60 9-9.5 seconds, and still gets what, 33-36Hwy,but the price is up near Corolla’s, when loaded…18K+ msrp, for the SL..5 door?).

    Sporty Yaris, no thanks.
    It’s ok, but not for me.

    Try again…maybe with the Corolla 3 door(make it a sporty model).

  5. From http://www.pressroom.toyota.com:

    The Yaris subcompact carries over unchanged for 2008 except for the addition of a standard tire pressure monitoring system for all models. The 2008 Yaris also gains the all-new Liftback Sport model. The Yaris Liftback Sport features several exterior enhancements, including color-keyed front and rear under-bumper spoilers and side rocker panels, and is equipped with standard features such as driver and front passenger sport seats, leather-trimmed steering wheel and shift knob, tachometer with amber illumination, 15-inch wheels, rear window defroster, rear window wiper, AM/FM/CD player with MP3/WMA capability and auxiliary audio input jack.

    The five-speed manual transmission Liftback carries a base MSRP of $11,300 and the Sedan with automatic transmission carries a base MSRP of $12,900. The Yaris Sport Liftback with five-speed manual transmission will carry a base MSRP of $12,975. All Yaris vehicles arrive in August and the total Yaris average MSRP increases $150 or 1.2 percent.

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