2009 Hyundai Tiburon

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Should turn out to be a nice looking car….

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  1. Some pretty radical character lines can be seen through the tarp on the front and rear quarter-panels as “swoops” over both wheel wells. Reminds me of the generation before the current Tiburon but I’m sure it will be more attractive. I almost purchased an ’07 Tiburon GT in May but decided a Tucson was better-suited for my needs. Hyundai has won me over for life.

  2. Current Tib is a sheep in wolf’s clothing with a V6 that can’t keep up with many 4 bangers. Can anyone confirm rwd for the next gen?

  3. While it’s true the current 2.7L V6 in the Tib isn’t the fastest in it’s category, you do get better low-end torque than most I4’s can provide at lower rev’s. Also remember that not everyone who wants a Tib-like vehicle is out to win stoplight drag races or freeway gran prix’s.

  4. the president/chairman of hyundai is in jail for fraud…..nice company….oh ya, and the last president jumped out of a window because of scandal….nice company…ya, put your hard earned money into kia/hyudai, same company, that’s a gooooood move!

  5. Remember that now, Hyundai offers much more powerful V6s in the Sonata and Azera.
    And this RWD platform could accept the V8 from the Genesis.

  6. The Family Guy is absolutely right! Not only is every vehicle manufacturer around the world absolutely innocent of any wrongdoing, corruption, scandal, but also it’s always the best decision to pay more for an inferior product when you have the choice.
    Better yet, always make your purchasing decisions before you consult other consumers, research studies and automotive journals. It’s best to stick with your prejudices and heresay. Finally, Hyundai and Kia are obviously failing miserably in the marketplace with plunging sales, horrible products and lack of consumer confidence whereas Ford, GM and Chrysler are thriving and growing with piles of cash and factories working round-the-clock to keep up with consumer demand. Right?

  7. Poor dumb ignorant supporter of pure korean garbage, all the info. listed is factual, they( kia/hyundai) are corrupt ….period.What more do you need to see. Google it if you don’t believe, but be ready, it’s all true! You keep your weak earnings going toward these embezzlers and enjoy your life. ps. my wife is korean, i am not prejudice, these are the facts….we drive an infiniti!

  8. family guy..Anyone basing a WHOLE CAR COMPANY on the actions of ONE PERSON is delusional to begin with. The last thing anyone thinks about when buying a car is the CEO of the company. The fact you mention the wrong doings of the CEO of Hyundai without even committing on the car and calling Hyundai ”Korean garbage” is prove that you’re prejudice.

  9. “Family Guy” said “…korean garbage…” -yet Motor Trend admits that the Hyundai Veracruz is equal if not better than the comparable Lexus in quality and performance. Wonder why Consumer Reports rates more Hyundai vehicles than Infiniti vehicles as “Recommended”? I wonder what “Family Guy” knows that seasoned automotive journalists don’t?! Surely with his mastery of the written word he should be a journalist! LOL!!

  10. In general, if people cared about what corrupt back-office stuff went on within our auto industry, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Toyota, Ford, GM and all of them would have been out of business long ago. People don’t really care. They only care about the products they produce. While I still think Hyundais and Kias are disposable trash, they at least look better today and are somewhat competitive until they age.

  11. Disposable trash ? Man, how much money do you have ? Hyundai’s are no longer cheap. They don’t cost as much as others but I wouldn’t call the Azera and Veracruz both costing around $30,000 plus “disposable”. Sound like you just woke up from a coma.

  12. “korean trash”
    “disposable garbage”
    …some people just always need to put something or someone down. It’s the only way they can feel “superior”. Pathetic, ignorant but oh so prevalent.

  13. I dont think that Hyundais are “Disposable trash”. I own a ’06 Tiburon GT and an 06 Tucson. I am an avid car entusiast and after reviewing many imports an well as domestic vehicles, both hyundais just stacked up better in reliability (Consumer Reports), safety (Comsumer Reports) features for my hard earned money, and lets not foget that all mighty 100,000 mile waranty. Whoever knocks Hyundais havent picked up an issue of MotorTrend this month because they are beating out Lexus. Do your homework before making rediculous comments.

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