2009 Mercedes E class

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Still just illustrations so far.
But they look great.
If only the real thing could look like that.

No matter what, the E class always sells. The darling of European taxi fleets, and the mid sized of choice in Beverly Hills.

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  1. Looks too much like a lexus from behind…not good! The germans should always have original designs

  2. Vince,

    You’re the man. I know you say this is an illustration. But most of your illustrations always seem to become reality with minor tweaks here and there. I can see a little bit of C-class blended into what will be the next E-class. Looking good MB. keep’em coming!

  3. The very first Lexus LS400 was almost a carbon copy (from the outside) of the Mercedes. So I’m not sure who came first in this case, the chicken or the egg…

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