2009 Sonata test drivers can’t park.

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Unless they were drunk…

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  1. That’s how I envision the Chrysler Sebring sedan, but instead of a curb I like to imagine a wall. 🙂

    I’m curious to see the front and rear updates to the Sonata, I actually have more respect for the car now than when it first appeared. (I saw too much Honda Accord styling rip-offin’ then)

    And you’re right, the dash, especially that mound of a centre stack has got to go!

  2. They’re testing those new “curb feelers” we Americans have been raving about. Unfortunately this driver is unfamiliar with how they’re supposed to work…


  3. I’ll just buy an Azera( new , most likely used…with their new used car warranty …you get “the rest” of 10.100K.. gfet 1-2 year old Azera for Sonata I-4 prices) in 2-3 years.
    Great car(Azera). IMHO. Sonata is nice, but I saw MSRP top model around 25K friday….No Thanks…that’s Azera prices(on sale) for a much better car, with (v6 versus v6) not much “worse” mpg than the Sonata..

    Hyundai is sort of losing some old customers who recall the 2005 models selling for 15-17K on sale, end of year, with leather, sunroof, everything.
    Even (the Optima)Kia is starting to rip people off,some, on pricing, on better versions of their car.
    Who knows what these fools were doing.. looks like Wal-Mart parking lot… people park wherever.

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