2009 US Corolla?

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Who else would bring you this other than the great Vince Burlapp???
I know, I know, it is so covered up you can’t see much.
But hey, that’s pretty much all spy shots.

I hear it is coming out at the next Sema show. Sedan and an other sportier model.
Either a coupe or a 3 door hatchback.
My money is on the hatchback. Just because I saw it testing in Hollywood last year….

Long live the Burlapp!!!!

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  1. I saw the 3 door. Which is sold in Europe as the 3 door Auris.
    I think that’s the one we’ll get here.

  2. Check out the ingenious camo used on the roof and on the hood. It makes it very hard to tell what the car’s exterior styling is. Toyota is going into overdrive with the camo.

  3. Vince is correct. I saw an article(detnews, somewhere, this past week…) saying a 3 door and the sedan will be @ SEMA.
    Anyhow… Supposed RWD Scion to replace the current tC?
    Maybe this is what is going to happen? RWD 18-20K Scion,and the new Auris( isn’t “old” Auris the model the current tC is based upon,Vince?)…
    well, it could be heading to Toyota( since tC’s have sold around 75-80K units in 05 and 06)…as a sporty model, FWD, perhaps? I dunno.
    All guesses for now, I guess.

  4. Gimme a 3 door, with the current tC engine, make it look alittle more” fun”, keep prices in check, and I’ll visit Toyota in a year,or two.

  5. I would risk saying that despite all the camouflage the car seems to look almost the same as the European Corolla sedan.
    I have seen some of them already and they look good.

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