All new Ford Falcon

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The long awaited new Ausralian Ford sedan.
Just like GM did with Holden, the Australian Ford might end up here (in one way or another).
Maybe they’ll use the RWD platform as a Mercury or a Lincoln.
Who knows…..

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  1. I would be so surprised if Ford had the balls to bring this over without completely dumbing down everything for the domestic market. I doubt it though.

  2. Damn that’s hot! I’m not too sure about the flat black right under the head lights, but overall I give it two thumbs up! Ford should bring that over as the next gen Fusion.

  3. The would make a nice “up-market” vehicle for Mercury if they brought in the Mondeo, S-Max and C-Max and dumped the Grand Marquis, Sable, Milan.

  4. Looks a little like a big evo.

    They do need to do something with Mercury. Perhaps it could be the “import” Euro/Aussie Ford division.

    Or what if they made Mercury the all eco-friendly division. They could reserve all the hybrid or super-efficient cars for the Merc brand. They need something identifiable–regular looking hybrids don’t sell, but the wacky Prius does. Most hybrid buyers don’t want to be Earth-friendly as they want to LOOK Earth-friendly.

  5. Cool looking car. I think Ford needs to sell this here in the USA desperately. Keep the Falcon name too for the USA. They could also stretch it out and make a real nice Lincoln too. Hey Ford, I realize money is real tight in the puzzle palace, but it might be a good idea to get this car in the USA quickly. The front of it is a little too busy and boy racerish for me, but the rest of the car looks real good.

    Not to change the subject but has anyone seen the Steeda Ford Fusion on


  6. If Ford was smart they would sell this and the Modeo.
    but make the Falcon AWD to sell against Subaru and Mitsu, but they wont.

  7. I just read that Ford hopes to have this car hit the streets in 2012. I guess they just refreshed the current Falcon, so by the time this all new one is finished, tested, put into production in Austrailia and then sent here…well…I guess that takes a while.


  8. This car is codenamed the Falcon Orion will hit Aussie showrooms in the first quarter of next year, and will include a sporty turbo model, as well as a streched luxury model.

  9. A Ford is a Ford is a Ford.

    Ah Yes, But This Is A Good Ford.

    I have read a lot of articles & car forums on the net on what’s happening in Australia with Ford & Holden.
    They are building cars that are competing against the Europeans.

    They are coming out in front in a lot of the car comparisons, & the Aussies are loving them.

    Bring them here as soon as they are released.

  10. Latest is that they won’t be doing a LWB version this time. First Falcon not to have a Fairlane counterpart since before the 1967 XR model. reason? Poor sales brought about by poor styling and strong competition from the Holden Statesman. The Falcons have been great lookers for years (1998 AU model excepted) but they’ve not done a decent looking Fairlane since the 60s.

  11. The picture shown is alleged to have been found at a rubbish tip. It is a FPV (Ford Performance Vehicle) variant, so the styling around the front is probably a bit more extreme than the standard Falcon.
    Ford have announced that the Australian built in-line 6 will be scrapped in favour of the USA built V6 from 2010, so this probably helps for export. (As well as the V8s).

    Someone who has seen the prototypes told me that the picture is accurate and that the chassis and firewall have spaces for LHD steering and controls. ( Not the case with the current Falcon).

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