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As I mentioned before, 2008 is the last model year for the Solara.
(that’s too bad. I like it. The convertible is a really good car)

Toyota will not have a 2 door or convertible model to replace it.
Instead, they will have an all new model, also based on the Camry:
The production version of the FSC Concept from a couple of years ago. (Bottom picture)

In Japan, it might be sold as part of the Mark X lineup (Although it is based on the Camry, not the Mark X).
Here it will be marketed as some sort of a slick wagon version of the Camry.
Just like the popular sedan, it will be available with a 2.4 Liter or a 3.5 Liter V6.
I guess that’s whay they kept the Highlander looking so square and boring.

This would be for families looking for something slicker and more modern looking.

More pictures soon…

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  1. Sorry. Not for me.
    I have no family to worry about.
    This is like an answer to a question that no one asked( why doesn’t Toyota have a 5 door Camry?).
    I never heard anyone ask for one.
    Odd, in that the Altima coupe is here(?) and the Accord, but Camry 2 door is going away, for this thing?
    It might be ok for some,but does anyone think it will sell as many as the sedan version(Camry)?
    I don’t think so.
    Nowhere near it.

    This is not good looking. Is this a “Magnum”(wagon) fighter? If so… the Magnum is 5 times better looking, at least.

  2. The “slicker and more modern looking” was clearly in reference to this being better looking than the Highlander, not the FSC.

    As to the vehicle itself, I would buy one.
    I think it’s ridiculous the Japanese marques have taken so long to start bringing back station wagons. But they’ll probably still call it a CUV, or something ridiculous like that.

  3. another classic example of Lost in Translation.

    What were the engineers thinking?
    What happened during the process from concept to production?

    I bet some chinese car manufacturers could make a better copy of the concept car!

  4. Does the world really need yet another wagon/SUV/crossover? Who’s hauling all this invisible cargo? On an hourly basis, I only see one person driving these freight carriers with maybe an empty baby seat in the back.

    Maybe car manufacturers could make another 4-door truck. Yeah, that’s what we need to haul our imaginary luggage.

  5. Ugh, they’re getting rid of the Solara for this? I’ll hang on to my ’02 Solara ragtop, thank-you-very-much.

  6. I saw the FSC concept in real and since there it’s my dream car. It looked on the pics small but it was a big station wagon, but not so high as the RAV.
    I think we must wait, how the production version now looks in real. If it’s near to the FSC I’ll be one of the first buyers.

    The single pic shows not very much.
    I cant’ wait to see more pics. Vince, when will you show more ?

  7. Poor Toyota. So many strengths, and yet so many conspicuous weaknesses… inspiring design being #1, 2 and 3 on the latter list.

  8. I actually would like to see more manufacturers in this segment. Most people don’t need a not-so-mini-vans, or a SUV, and I think this is a better alternative.

    I wouldn’t buy a Pacifica or an R-Class, because those are too heavy, waste gas, seats no more than a yesterday wagon but cost almost twice as much.

    I’ve looked at purchasing a Mazda 5; pretty stylish, good utility, but the gas mileage put me off. twenties for a 4-cyl?

    Hoping, if not Toyota/Honda, some manufacturer to get this right. Mazda 5 utility, with at least low 30’s mileage. I am already waiting…

  9. A Camry Wagon? They don’t make those anymore….oh wait….there’s not one….or..two…but three!!!

    They are called the Toyota Highlander, Toyota Sienna, and the more expensive Toyota Highlander, called the Lexus RX 350!

    I guess they feel like they need four iterations to feel complete…

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