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No one really knows what the next Prius will look like.
One thing I know, it won’t look as crazy and futuristic as the concept they teased us with last year.
So this one here might not be a bad guess.

A friend of mine was looking for one a few months ago (and another friend ended up getting one).
Seems that you can now get them with a discount of at least $3000 off the lot.
which means about $26000 for a loaded one with even leather and navigation. Not a bad price.
This now really competes with other mid sized cars. Plus you’ll get at least 45mpg instead of about 23 or 25.

if you don’t mind the lack of power, the winning from the tiny 1.5 Liter engine, and get rid of it before it needs new batteries, it is a really nice car…

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  1. the one we test drove in august of 06 did nto”whine” any worse than 99% of other 4 cylinders, to be honest.
    we liked it,and it’s anice car, as you stated, Vince. problem is… not one seems to drive the Prius 40K miles per year(like we drive our cars), so it’s hard ot find out how long the batteries , since only Edmunds(ongoing 04 long termer)…is around 50K now, in 3 years,
    and , for those who don’t know it, they have hit 50+ MPG too(more miles on the car, seems MPG rises also).
    Anyhow… I have read 150K, 180K… who knows how long the batteries will last.

    This version is ok. has the Yaris grille, maybe side skirting and lights look different.
    Heard Toyota is not bringing out the Lithium Ion Batteries, due to problems with laptops, and will stick with current batteries.
    So… so much for 80-90 MPG?
    No plug in yet, either.
    So, this might just be a reskinned
    deal, and not much else?

    Good prices are dropping . When they build a 18-20K Corolla hybrid, or even Yaris sized hybrid, 45MPG, 18K dollars, then I’ll be more impressed, so us “poor: folks can afford a hybrid. Better yet, get the diesel Jetta next Spring, with 60hwy,like you had posted earlier this year, the sportswagon and sedan.
    rumors of UNDER 20K …that is nice, also, even if somewhat decontentented.

  2. A friend just got a Yaris sedan and he’s getting 43mpg on the freeway.
    When I test drove the Aveo I remember getting about 35mpg in the city.
    That’s pretty close to Hybrid numbers.

    And a much better deal…

  3. it looks like a citroen… yikes…

    and to the other commenters: the prius gets better milage in the city than on the highway! so 35mpg doesn’t measure up to a prius….

    the battery has 8 years warranty on it! the battery argument is a stupid one… most people that buy a prius don’t own it longer than 3 years… and the 1st 2nd hand buyer might run into the 8 year warranty limit… might…

  4. My friends have the first year second-gen Prius. They drive probably 90% urban stop & go traffic. John is anal about keeping records of all statistics and fuel consumption. He regularly gets 53 mpg in the city. 400 mile highway trips to North Carolina bring 45 mpgs. John is gentle with the gas pedal while his wife has a lead foot. Obviously, John does most of the driving. Their 1997 Civic HX does quite well, but doesn’t come close to the Prius on mileage, space, or hauling capacity.

    Gas mileage is not the only strength of the Prius. Lowered emissions are equally important to my earth-friendly, recycle-conscious friends.

    Why is this car and its virtues a problem for so many Prius-haters?

  5. Vince Burlapp said…

    A friend just got a Yaris sedan and he’s getting 43mpg on the freeway.
    When I test drove the Aveo I remember getting about 35mpg in the city.
    That’s pretty close to Hybrid numbers.

    And a much better deal…

    12:47 PM
    that’s good. now, if they can do for the Yaris what the did for the new Scion xD: Put the guages in front of the driver…then I would be interest.
    Heard the next gen Corolla is expected to hit around 40 MPG hwy, maybe low 30’s city?
    (current one is what 36-37MPG/30city, for automatic)?

    Oh… for the guy posting miles, a friend of ours has an 04… 52 city/48 hwy, combined 50 MPG… 44,500 miles( this was in May of 2006… have not seen her since).
    So, your friends figures seem about right.

    If you do drive a ton of city miles, the Prius is very difficult to beat in the MPG wars, it appears.Hwy is still good for a Mid-sized hatchback.Most people I see think the stop light is “Indy 500 Time”… when it turns green, they floor it.
    How ya drive affects MPG.

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