Audi A1

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It says “Audi Design Team on it….

Dos that mean it’s official? A clever fake?
Who knows….

From this design, it does look pretty much like what anyone would expect. Nothing new.
Just a smaller version of the same design Audi has been using for years now.
Could it really fight against other designs with much more personality? Like the Mini or the Fiat 500…

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  1. The lawyers of the company (Renée’s Gourmet Foods Inc., ) that makes A1 Sauce should start sharpening their pencils. Force Audi to make one of these suppository on wheels in A1 Sauce Brown and give the parent company a royalty for each boob that buys one.

  2. This will have AWD and priced from 16,000 Euros and up ($22.000 USD) and have 170hp.I also think Mini will offer AWD in a few years time.I think Subaru should bring out a coupe variant of the Impreza to do battle with these euro toys…The A1 will have a painted roof like a Mini and also have the hood painted in body color…cool!!!!Borat, I meant Burlapp should pay me for this info…

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