Audi A5 sighting!!!

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In Santa Monica California. Just a few hours ago!
I was very impressed by how solid and well made the car looks.
But again, most Audis do look good and solid. They just spend a lot of their time at the dealership.

This guy stopped in the middle of the street to compare the new Audi to its BMW 3 series coupe.
I like the 3 series coupe. But I think the A5 interior is more interesting. And the BMW might turn out to be a more reliable car to own.

The car was clearly a European model with New Mexico plates tacked on.

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  1. Audis are made like tanks and are one of the safest cars on the road. I love BMW for their style and ergonomics and no maintance lease programs for 3 years that covers breaks, oil changes, etc, but I would rather crash in an Audi. Just slam one of its doors
    and you will tell.

  2. this a5 looks kinda sloppy and clumsy next to the 3 series coupe, and from the interior pics ive seen it looks like an odd mix of the a6 and a4, but it almost cheap

  3. I think it looks really nice I think those rims would be really nice if they were an inch or two larger

  4. Did’nt Audi beat bmw in a recent reliability test? I’m pretty sure they did, from real life experiences audi seems to be more reliable than bmw, many bmw owners i know have nothing but issues while most audi owners are very happy.

  5. I think the BMW looks more european than the audi…the audi’s headlights and tailights looks like they’ve been ripped off from many japanese cars.

  6. I am not sure which reliability test you are talking about.
    JD Powers (on their site) rates the BMW 3 coupe much higher than the A4.
    The few people I know who own Audis have numerous nightmare stories about living on a daily basis with these cars.
    BMW isn’t perfect, but I would trust them more myself.
    VW/Audi seems to have the hardest time improving their reliability. Even in recent models.
    I am not even sure they really want to.

  7. Regardless of the sound of Audi doors when shut fact is Audi has ranked lower than BMW, Mercedes (and also Renault and Toyota) in European EuroNCAP crash tests. For example, the Q7 is only 4-star and across the range Audis get lower scores than the European safety leaders.

    Visual robustness and the sound of a door are not quantitative measures of the robustness and real quality of a car. Audi can’t really perform very well in real quality and safety because it use a lot of parts from much cheaper Seat and VW models.

  8. That’s interesting; because most people in Europe believe Audi and Volkswagen to have better quality than BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

  9. In terms of reliability and style, they are both beaten by G37. Even if buying a coupe is an emotional decision, hard to argue when the Infiniti is even cheaper.

  10. Am I the only one who sees nothing remotely exciting about this car? It looks like it’s been carved from a bar of soap and it probably droves like it, too.

    Nothing special to see here…

  11. the front of the a5 reminds me of the japanese-market nissan stagea, with its squarish front lights, large grille, and high beltline. even though the stagea is essentially a skyline (g35) wagon. i wouldnt buy either of these coupes, but just for the record, i like the classier design of the bimmer more. i hear the a5 is also heavier than the 3-series

  12. That’s interesting; because most people in Europe believe Audi and Volkswagen to have better quality than BMW and Mercedes-Benz.


    It’s true!!!
    BMW and Mercedes CDI are know for giving lots of troubles…

    I had a Audi A4 a few years ago… Good car but some troubles that I didn’t expect to apear at yearly age. Most troubles are electronic. ABS related…
    The car was really a tank. Much better than the BMW tin cans. But I don’t think I will buy another…

    Here in Europe people almost worship the Golf (rabbit). Don’t understand why… But VW is always considered very good. Modern and reliable. But I know that there’s always some electronic problems, that appear near the 5 years old cars.

    Skoda, a Vw brand is know for good quality because its simplier. And the Factory at the Czech Republic is one of the best in the world.
    Seat, is not very good…
    Quality not much diferent from Ford or Fiat.

    A friend of mine that works for the VW factory in Portugal, visited some VW factories in Mexico and he told that the quality was totally different… Probably that’s why, the so Bad Name of VW in the USA…

  13. Vince,
    Why don’t you take an Audi and a BMW for a 7 day
    touring of Cali and tell us what you think from that experience alone and forget about what your friends tell you and what you have read and see what the real deal is.
    I still think Audi is a modern day tank and I would rather pay more for something, regardless of reliability reports if it is going to save my life.
    Writer 6:22 can be our crash test dummy.

  14. Ive got a 2oo2 A4 and havent had any major problems. 4 year free service agreement is awesome and the car is just good looking. No complaints here. Audi makes a good car.

  15. Most people would consider these two cars completely different except that they are mid/small coupes. They have very different driving dynamics and different attitudes/appearances so people who like bimmers will get the bimmer and people who like Audis will get an Audi. There isn’t much to compare.

  16. “Audi can’t really perform very well in real quality and safety because it use a lot of parts from much cheaper Seat and VW models.”

    They can’t? Interesting. Regarding safety, which parts exactly do they share? The safety cage? I do not think so. I’ve owned Mercedes, BMWs and Audis… and I can’t say that any of them are problem free. Mercedes by far are the most prone to nitpicking problems, although long-term they are bulletproof. BMWs essentially fall apart quicker than your ability to maintain them after 60k miles. Audis are a mixed bag, but overall much less tempermental. Stay away from the low end engines.

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