Audi R4???

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This shows waht a small middle engine sports car from Audi could look like.
Seems like Audi and Porsche might share the next Boxter/Cayman platform.
So Audi would end up with their own model, called R4.

If there is a big enough market for an R8 and a 911, why not have a Cayman and an R4…

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  1. audi, vw, and porsche really make no sense to me, they have to be worse than old gm. they are the only companies out there making cars that compete with each other that are based off each other whats the point….why have all 3 related companies fighting each other

  2. You know I was going to say the same thing, except they are not badge engineering rattle boxes, but sports cars I actually would want to own. But could they take the 7 speed DSG out of the Bugatti Veyron and put it in this thing, and everything else they make.

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