BMW 1 Coupe

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Looking good in black

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  1. Thank you for the gift, it will be the best gift ever, but you don’t have my address. Do I have to come to H-wood to pick it up?

  2. 2:57 –

    i completely agree with you! from the first time i saw the 1-series coupe shots i thought the same thing! it’sthe worst design element on this otherwise attractive car. bring the 4-door hatch!

  3. Ever since I saw the first Spy Shots of the Rear end of this car, i thought to myself, this looks exactly like a mid 90’s Hyundai from the rear. Interestintly the new 3 series looks like a Hyundai from the rear as well, and the New Elantra could be badged with a BMW logo and no one would notice the difference.

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