BMW 120i Sighting in Canada

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As far as I know, the 1 series hatchback isn’t for sale in North America.
The plates are actually from Mexico. Where the car isn’t for sale either. (At least I don’t think it is, or is it???)

The 1 series has been for sale in Europe for a few years now, and we are getting the coupe and the convertible version in the US next year.

Thanks again to our Canadian “Burlapp fan” Robert Prins, who took the picture a few days ago on his way to Edmonton, and sent it to me the next day…

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  1. A picture is worth a 1.000 words, but w/ the Mexican
    plates one might think this is a new way to sneak your way across the border.

    Seriously, BMW might be testing a 4 banger or perhaps the suspension set up for the US/Candian/Mexican market for the 1 series coupe

  2. Vince we been seeing these all over san diego for over a year now with mexican plates ! and I saw the nissan version of the Logan ( Aprio )last week, it looked like an old Daihatsu Charade 4 door. sik

  3. Vince, the 1-Series Hatch is available in Mexico.

    Along with the Aprio, Nissan still sells the MKIII (1991-1994) Sentra as the Tsuru. A tweaked grille completes the changes made, but it’s still the good old (13 years old) Sentra.

    William L.

  4. i hope they bring the hatch over along with the coupes

    i want a 135i Hatch.. i dont need another coupe,especially when i’ll be getting a new M3 also

  5. The Canadian car market is decidedly different from the US. We tend to buy more smaller cars and are in favour of hatchbacks. Therefore I will not be surprised if BMW decides to sell the 1 Series hatch in Canada.

  6. haha Thats a pretty good picture. I cant wait for this thing to come out in canada. Its going to be HOT.
    Thx Rob

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