Escape test drive coming up

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Just letting you know, if anyone has any questions about that car.
The one I am driving now has the 2.3 Liter. I think a Mazda engine.

So far, well… Not so good….
More later.

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  1. Of course so far not so good… you got the 2.3L… no one in their right mind would get anything other than the V6 in that thing, unless you got the Hybrid 2.3, in which case your clear conscience would have to make up for the utter lack of power.

  2. Actually, the 2.3 Liter might be the best part of the car.
    The V6 would cure all the other problems…

  3. who care what you think
    the escape is maybe the best small girly suv you can buyt and it is n’t so girly like the crv or the rav

    i t is one of the best design out there solid and well made

  4. When I test drove the then new, Mazda 6i about 4 years ago, its 2.3L engine felt sluggish on take-off. I think it’s because Ford used one of its old automatic transmissions with the wrong (too tall) first gear. Poor performance was a deal-killer for me. You’d think they’d know better, but then, it’s Ford!

    The Escape probably weighs more, so unless Ford has put in a better engineered transmission, it can’t be very pleasant to drive.

    Fords are meant to be ignored–just about anything else would be a better choice IMO.

  5. the escape was competitive in 2002, but in 2007, it is horribly outdated. i cant believe ford continues to “freshen” products that need redesigns. this is another product that was once class leading but will end up a fleet favourite… just like the taurus or focus etc.

    how much cheaper is this than a cr-v or rav4 anyway? the depreciation hit will more than make up for any savings anyhow!

  6. “Escape test drive coming up”

    I feel sorry for you having to drive any Ford product, but this must be pure torture.

  7. Actually the rework quite a bit in the new Escape, if you had done your homework. The vehicle that is clearly state of the art is the hybrid version, the only one I would consider. Although for looks, the mercury hybrid version I think is much better looking.

    Have tested the new CRV, it is ok, but is underpowered. The front also looks like it rammed into something and the whole lower half of the grill is gone! Strange styling. The materials in the interior are a little harsh, need to soften it up a bit.

  8. “d jones said… who care what you thinkthe escape is maybe the best small girly suv you can buyt and it is n’t so girly like the crv or the ravi t is one of the best design out there solid and well made”You know, I read a lot of your posts around here. I can’t tell if you are drunk, being sarcastic, or are just stupid. There is nothing competitive about this vehicle when compared to the competition that is leaps and bounds ahead. Did anyone catch the gleaming review of the 2008 Escape by Car and Driver? a look, they have NOTHING positive to say about it. It is actually comical how much they make fun of Fords attempt to make it competitive. Vince, I feel bad for you. I really do. Do yourself a favor and test drive the newest CR-V, it isn’t a penalty box.MR

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