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  1. Is that the base model’s seat exposing a storage compartment under the passenger side? Totally different upholstery and bolsters compared to the pictures above it.

  2. The hidden storage under the front seat is very clever. Too bad the rest of the car wasn’t as interesting.

  3. There are three different seat designs and upholstery styles in the various pictures of the 500. Model differences or optional equipment?

  4. On many forums, 90% of the participants say”Too Small”.
    I agree.
    Why not make it “normal” sub-compact sized,like the Yaris sedan?
    Then I’d be interested.

  5. I like it…. if this is sold in USA, and is a success…maybe they could build a “larger” version, call it Fiat 750( make it Accent sized, at least).
    The black version, with the different front end/grille(open between the lights)..isn’t that the runored 1.4 L turboed/150HP I-4, and the large opened grille is for more airflow ?
    At any rate, in a “gated” community, this would be fun.
    On the expressways? Not so fun..I bet.
    Unfortunate, since this is so original in styling, inside and out.

  6. Hi there! I’m a portuguese reader of your blog and I think it is really great! I love cars and now I get to know more about american models. There are some great cars over there, but… Europeans do it better, don’t you think? I guess you do. 😉 Anyway, I LOVE the 500! I’m buying one as soon as it comes out in Portugal (January). I can’t wait!

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