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New and old.
Caught on the highway, in Germany.

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  1. The new one sure looks better than the old – more brute & emotion.

    Taillights could be better (these ones look too similar to the regular 15K Lancer)

    But other than exterior looks, it’s definitely one of the best Japanese car out there.

    It can easily spank some Ferrari & Porsche from the starting line – with it’s affordable price

    Now, why can’t the Japanese make the next Skyline GT-R and Supra this cheap?!

  2. these small crap thing have always been ugly
    the new one will be another orrible thing

    again a monte carlo can smoke that thing any day.
    with more style for lesss money
    plus it is much safer

  3. With Chevy Monte Carlo, you can only smoke those high-tech Japanese toys in the parking lot. At least you have to bring a Corvette or the GM turbo roadster.

  4. Forget about the ugly Montes that broke down 1/2 the time, the Pontiac is a hell of a lot nice GM product
    and it would go head to head with Audi and the Evo.

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