Forgidden Nitro commercial

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Apparently, this is from Europe.
And Chrysler headquarters really didin’t approve …

Sure it is cruel, and actually not that funny.
At least it’s different….

What do you think????

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  1. I think it was VW Europe that had a similar commercial. A pigeon flew over to crap on the car, and the car swatted the pigeon with it’s hood…Feathers flying everywhere then thunk as the pigeon hit the ground. Now THAT was funny!

  2. Big f-ing deal. So a TV spot portrayed some mutt getting fried. Was the dog really killed? If not than the Bambi-lovers should stop boring the rest of us with their insipid outrage. I wish more clients possessed the balls their ad agencies have.

    Great spot BTW. I loved it.

  3. What a blatant rip-off of the ‘banned’ Ford SportKa ads. Clearly they realised there was no way this would ever get broadcast on TV but why should they care when they can get it broadcast for free in blogs and forums all over the world..

  4. I’m surprised they thought this would be fly in Europe, (they have pets there too just so you know Dodge ad agency).

  5. Honestly, who cares? This entire thing was fictional, no animals were hurt. People need to get a sense of humor, PETA people just need to go away.

    Really, whoever is offended here needs to get a life.

  6. I saw this earlier in the day before the pull…Kinda reminds me of the european Honda(?) commercial where a car is decapitated by a sunroof.

    Seriously I’m no animal rights buff, but someone needs to purge the European commercial industry of all its sick retards who think just because its controversial… it would be great advertising material for improving a car’s image.

    Should not seem that hard to do, as this commercial has the same feel as all the other pulled animal killing car commercials. Likely all done by the same house.

  7. I’m not sure what this is saying about the Nitro. How does this sell the vehicle. Shouldn’t the point be to get people into Dealership, how does this do that.

    This just as stupid as the Nitro Ads where the vehicle blow-up another car and the one where it fell throw the earth.

    None of these Ads seem to be saying anything great about the Nitro.

    And for those who say get a life maybe some of you should get a soul or heart. Especially in America with all the bad press going on with an NFL star accused of Mistreatment of Dogs this Ad is just bad on so many levels.

  8. The purpose of the Ka ad was to suggest in a funny way that it’s a bit more devilish and mischievous than the typical Ka. And it used a sunroof to kill a cat that was scratching its paint and the hood to whack a bird flying above it, presumably to avoid being bombed by droppings. The hood and the sunroof made exaggerated but real motions. But what’s with the lightning bolt that comes out of the Nitro’s fender? That doesn’t even make any sense. The Nitro ad, with its rental agency base trim and small wheels just isn’t a tough guy… if anything, it’s a nerd throwing a tantrum. What would have worked better is if it was the cool Nitro R/T and the dog had gotten further along urinating on the wheel. Then the Nitro could “defend” itself in a funny way. Dodge intended on copying Fords clever marketing. But like a Chinese knockoff Rolex, they just did an inferior job.

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