Hey! How about a Brookland???

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For when, you know, I make it big.

To celebrate when my roommate and I take Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise’s spots in Hollywood…

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  1. There’s a reason why Bentley is doing much better than Maybach and Rolls. The fact VW-AG is doing well at everything except the VW brand is kind of ironic.

  2. Why anyone want to drive a whale that can only seat 2 people comfortably, while the rear two had to crawl out like Prison Break?? Only for the super-riches who really hate their in-laws, maybe.

  3. That’s tellin’ him Vince lol! The biggest thing that bugs me about big-engined expensive cars isn’t the price of the car.. it’s the low gas mileage. All that green talk must’ve gone to my brain :-).
    Been enjoying your site for a couple years Vince. When I wanna see what’s new in autos, you’re my 1st stop. Thanks for the great site.

  4. The Veyron is still cooler.

    I saw one the other day on sunset blv.

    It was white with medium or dark blue two tone (it was night, so it was a little bit hard to tell)

    the bentley is shit by comparison.

  5. That vehicle does absolutely NOTHING for me. If I wanted a superior coupe, I would buy a loaded Honda Civic. Not only does it look better. But I am sure the engineering is superior. Sheeple are so brainwashed to think owning a Bentley is making it in life. What idiots!

  6. yeah, Brian… like the “sheeple” that think putting most of the weight in the front of the car, and then having the front wheels handle all the power, all the steering, and a majority of the braking is “superior engineering.” LMAO!

  7. Brian,
    Your bias is showing, you just dont get it. Saying a Civic looks better and and is engineered better than the Brooklands is like saying Japanese is a better sounding and better constructed language than the Queen’s english. A Honda is never better than a Bentley, just different.
    Both are cars and both will get you where you want to go in their own way.

    I own a 1981 Camargue and a 1981 Civic wagon. Both have been exemplary for over 25 years.

  8. From a Camargue to a Civic, that’s a wide spread.

    How is the Camargue?
    I always liked it. Even though most people would think of it as the “unloved” Rolls…

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