Hybrid Porsches coming next

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I am not sure why…

But they claim to be working on Hybrid versions of the Cayenne and the upcoming Panamera sedan.
Seems that the Hybrid image doesn’t really fit what Porsche is all about.

But again, that’s what people were saying of a Porsche SUV….

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  1. Well, a benefit of having a gas/electric hybrid is that when the electric engine kicks in, you get more power. That’s why the new Toyota Supra is a hybrid, from what I’ve read. I’m sure that’s where Porsche is aiming for.

  2. Insiders now claim the Cayenne Hybrid could average 32MPG!
    And that the car could cruise at 75mph on electric power alone!

    That would be pretty amazing….

  3. Supposedly the next gen Cayenne is also going to become a soft-rider. That’s a shame because the current model is as rugged as a Range Rover but handles a lot better. It pretty much does anything but get decent gas millage.

  4. Absurd. The regular Cayenne owners I’ve seen couldn’t care less about mileage or eco-friendliness. Hybrid engines make sense in many types of cars, but not in this one. But what the hell, this is a car that doesn’t make sense in and of itself already…
    And then again, what about the recently announced MINI SUV? Talk about oxymoron!

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