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The production version is looking more and more like the concept.
A good thing. That concept was nice, but nothing futuristic. They couldn’t do much “toning down” for production…

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  1. Wow, one completely incoherent and another completely half-baked comment.

    Good, I hope they rip off the 2008 accords sideprofile as thats a good looking car. But considering how far along they are with this car, its more of chicken or the egg type stupidity to accuse Hyundai of ripping off a car thats not even being sold yet.

  2. The new Accord came out AFTER the Genesis concept was released. So…one could argue that Honda ripped it off from Hyundai. I think that Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti(G35)and probably a few others got it from BMW. If they did’nt get it from someone else. Whoever makes this style of c pillar, it does’nt matter to me as it’s a nice style. I’m looking forward to seeing the final product of the Genesis. I think it’ll make a nice rwd car. And if they can price the v-8 at the same price point as the g-35…lookout. Myself, I’d prefer the G-35. But I can’t deny the fact that the Hyundai is gonna be stiff competion. Not only to the G-35, but also to any American RWD, in addition to the Lexis IS/GS, BMW3/5 series, Mercedes, etc. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying it’ll be as good as the others, only testing will decide that, but for the money, it will be serious competition.


  3. I am never phased anymore by ignorant comments from the uninformed. First let’s set the record straight, the Hyundai Genesis has been under development for the last 5 years. Yes 5 years. As far as the design is concerned this was frozen almost 2 years ago and then re-tweaked some.

    So if there is any ‘copying’ going on then maybe you should be thinking about Honda (of course we all know that designs from both Toyota and Honda are original and non-derivate from any other manufacturers:wink:)


  4. To the first commenter, that is an extremely racist remark to post on the Internet. As a South Korean myself, I am deeply shocked for calling South Koreans, who are totally different from North Korea, some bomb mongers. For now, I won’t say anything of North Korea as they are technically still in operation of their nuclear programs. Please rethink of what you have stated as it is a very powerful, yet a naive comment that is bound to offend more than one person here.

    Vince, I sincerely hope you don’t reject this comment and I think he needs to get the message.

    To the second commenter, Hyundai would have had zero possibility in copying the 2008 Honda Accord. Mules of the Genesis were running around since 2005 and Hyundai officially unveiled the Genesis Concept in April. You gotta stop this false accusations somewhere.

  5. Why is it that so many people (not only here, but in almost any forum out there that discusses upcoming cars) feel this urge to inmediately find the “similarities” of the car discussed to another model or models? It is really tiring sometimes. I think it’s OK when talking about chinese blatant rip-offs or badge-engineered siblings, but some people just seem absurdly hellbent on negating that automotive styling even exists anymore, instead insisting that EVERYTHING is a copy of everything else! I swear I can’t understand this attitude.

  6. Thanks Vince for deleting the first post. Xenophobia is SO last year.

    Hyundai for the last decade has taken an ethic and direction that any new employee bound for success should…dress like the boss, act like the boss and someday you’ll be the boss and will be free to make your own style. THEN others will emulate you.

    Each Hyundai vehicle brought to market since the mid-90’s has certainly looked and acted somewhat like the benchmarks in each vehicle category. On top of that they added convenience and safety features at a great price. That’s called value and it’s worked nicely for them.

    Now that they’re getting more confidence their newest vehicles are equal or in some cases eclipsing their competitors. That’s called success.

    Those who fail to see this because of their ignorance and bigotry are doomed to be left behind still driving their 73 Camaro’s with confederate flag license plates.

  7. Good point, el_monty. I hear these accusations elsewhere. Also, many seem to target Hyundai and comment on their similarities, then defacing the brand, then defacing the country which is absurd. The Veracruz is a great example. Many comment that the Veracruz’s rear is an “exact” copy of the Lexus RX330. Yet, when I ask them specifically which details they’re talking of, they don’t give me a straight answer. In no way is the Veracruz’s rear a copy of the Lexus. The more similar looking one is the Mitsubishi Outlander. Even the clear taillights are the same. However, the bait here is Hyundai. I bear with anyone that with this kind of speed in which Hyundai is improving, they will re-enact Toyota’s success in the 90’s. When they do, don’t change your mind, because you were there at the time Hyundai was in the stage of improving, while defacing Hyundai for a similar taillight lens.

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