Imperial: dead

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That’s the latest rumor, at least.
Just when they told us the Imperial was going to make it into a pruduction model, they actually pull the plug on it.

I just hope it’s true.

The Imperial concept was one of the ugliest, most vulgar design I have seen in years.
They claim the new fuel economy standard killed the project.
Sure. Blame it on that.
Anything but themselves.

I think someone at Chrysler finally woke up and decided the brand doesn’t need one more ugly car in the line up if they really want to be taken seriously…

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  1. Personally, I actually think it looked OK (if a bit chunky); better than most stuff in Chrysler’s current line-up, anyway; but from the way it has been criticized everywhere, I suppose I’m in the minority. Anyway, I don’t imagine that many people would have chosen it over a proper Merc.

  2. I actually like the Imperial even though it’s large and grotesque. Everything else in that class of executive limos is boring–especially the ancient Lincoln Town Car.

    But the Imperial would have been a low volume car, and Chrysler needs cars that are better than the uninspired Sebring/Avenger rental darlings.

    Chrysler needs a car that competes more favorably with the Camry and Accord.

  3. I agree Vince. Chrysler’s making the ugliest cars on the road. They sure as hell don’t need one more.

  4. I’ve always been a huge fan of the Imperial. But will admit that the concept version was a bit much. If I was Chrysler – I’d go the Cadillac Seville route [circa 1976] and build a super luxury car SMALLER than the 300C. I would make the BlueTec diesel engine standard equipment and offer the 5.7 litre HEMI as a no-cost option. There is room in Chrysler’s line up for an Imperial – just not one quite as GIGANTIC as the concept car.

    By the way – I love your blog. I think you do a great job. Craig!! :o)

  5. The front looked odd but the car is nice overall. It’s probably not the right car for the times tho. The last thing Chrysler needs is a car like this when their core small and mid-sized vehicles are are so crummy.

  6. If it is true…GOOD MOVE!…
    if not… I see the Imperial as the nail that would seal the coffin for Chrysler…

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