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get your bids in for Jaguar.
You have until July 19th to own one of the world’s most prestigious brand.
That and Land Rover.

After the 19th???
Well… Ford might just wait a bit, and put it up for sale. Again. And again….

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  1. They could always try ebay? Who knows…maybe a Chinese company will buy them.

    Hey guys, be nice to Vince…he does great work.


  2. U guys are nuts…..Land Rover is just turning the corner. Their line up is amazing. Jaguar could have been in the same shape but they opted for conservative design for the X, S and XJ types. I think they figured that out now……case in point, the XK is amazing. And the new XF will be a showstopper. The dilmena Ford faces is the billion dollar investment needed to redesign the land rover line up and then do jaguar right this time around.

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