Kia Mesa interior

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So far this looks very nice.
But again, how big is the market now for these giant SUVs?

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  1. Wow! what a suprisingly upscale interior in that Kia. It not luxury car caliber, but way nicer then i expected for a large KIA SUV.

  2. Hmm, will be fun to see how they jerry rig cheapo looking avac and radio in there.

    It looks really pretty but I have my doubts, at this point its almost like there’s a law banning Koreans from putting proper navi control in the dashboards of American bound cars.

  3. I think the interior of this vehicle look great.

    Vince, there will always some stupid family that will buy a large gas guzzling SUV to tote their two children to and from soccer practice. Remember how well the Excursion sold? My neighbors had one and they had TWO children. They said they “needed the room”. I need that much room like I need a hole in my head.


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