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Remember that little concept from Kia? (Bottom)
Well, here is the upcoming production version.

Looks like they are trying to keep it close enough to the concept so it might actually look nice.
A cheaper alternative to the Scion???

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  1. Awesome little car. Kia is going to turn into the sporty youth oriented brand while Hyundai moves up to stylish affordable luxury. Hyundai is also considering launching TWO more brands to bring more diversity and choice to the consumer. Brilliant isn’t it? Every angle will be covered and of course Hyundai’s reputation for Quality, Reliability and Value will continue to be the foundation of these brands!

  2. Close enough in what way? The front end looks to be different, and the wheels are like half the size. Talk about dumbing down for production.

  3. This looks promising. hard to say what it will actually look like with all that camo still on it.

    Definitely making Kia look like a contender for the Y genners.


  4. this thing may bomb, americans aren’t fools enough to support an enemy, and the trouble with Kia/hyundai is that they are no longer a cheaper alternetive. Yes, they put more into their cars then they used to, but with that comes a higher price tag. Now they are dangerously close to the price of a real car…ie; Nissan, Honda, Mazda. I fail to mention toyota, because they are no longer considered a good car, they are the recall Kings.

  5. if ya like this stuff, i guess it will be ok. since i heard this will be about the size(length) of the SX4 “SUV/CUV”….and the 08 xB is PT Cruiser sized now….might be a few people who liked the original xB, but nto the larger version, might look at this, along with some Kia/Hyundai fans.

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