Lexus LF-A video

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Just the prototype testing. But still, it’s something.. Right?

I wonder if people will get this over Porsche, Audi R8 or Aston Martin…

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  1. It sounds great but it’s still a Toyota, isn’t it. It’ll sell to the kind of people who really miss the Honda NSX, but not to people who truly have a passion for cars. An Aston or Ferrari is the real thing. This is an imitation. It may be a very good one. It may be fast and beautiful, and capable of an 8 minute lap of the ‘ring, but it’s still not a real diamond. Stepping into this Lexus and grabbing the wheel is not going to make you feel like you’re pulling on Fangio’s racing gloves as much as make you feel you’re ripping the plastic off Gran Turismo 5.

  2. A Corvette is still a Chevy, so what’s your point? Anyway, this is going to be a natural competitor for the upcoming NSX and Skyline, doesn’t look bad.

  3. Agreed, it’s still a toyota. audi, porsche and aston martin have nothing to worry about. how many acura nx-s were even sold? lexus/toyota, nissan/ifiniti, and honda/acura buyers buy for value and dependability, not for exclusivity.

  4. Agreed it will never have the timeless beauty of an Aston, Ferrari or Lambo, but just like a toyota, it will do everything they can do better for less money and be more reliable.

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