Mercedes C63 AMG

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Overdone? Quite a bit.
So is squeezing a 457hp V8 in a compact car.

I guess it makes sense for some people in Germany where you can drive as fast as you can.
But where in the US could you actually drive this???

This is a crazy horsepower race between BMW, Mercedes, Audi and soon Cadillac…

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  1. The power in this car was standard in the US about 40 years ago. Can’t stomach the backend of the new c-class though…Looks Asian kooky.

  2. The new C series is a large step forward for Mercedes. It’s much better looking than all its European competition

  3. the new cadillac will lkill this german crap
    it is ugly and looks cheap but it snot
    ii never see these ont the road anyway americans don’t buy that kind of crappy cars anymore.thank god

  4. I agree with the earlier comment. I wish the German carmakers, in fact the American ones as well would be just as concerned with the MPG. I don’t have anything against these kind of cars, it just would be nice to see a balance.

    I guess the Japanese will just have to show them both. Again!

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