Mitsubishi Concept CX

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Looks like Mitsubishi is coming out with their own Matrix.
They need all the help they can get…

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  1. Mitus has the Galant, but it is ok only in ralliart..and it cost nearly 30K loaded(no thanks).
    The Lancer(which this appears to be based upon)….unless you’re getting the 6 speed paddle shift version, NO!!!!!!!!!
    Most dull, useless car under 20K I have test drive in over a year.
    Drove the Rabbit, and it was 1.5 seconds to 60 faster than the Lancer CVT, the Versa is faster, with CVT(the SL/5 door, and it LOOKS UNIQUE, this thing doesn’t stand out from the crowd, IMHO).

    The lancer is less interesting that the Mazda 3, Scion tC, even Hyundai V6 Tiburon(under 20K).
    C’Mon…when cars like the Accent are about as fast as the “sporty” lancer(go look up the times with CST,. ES model… S-L-O-W… over 10+ seconds to 60?)…it’s time to hang it up, or something.
    very sad.
    I was thisclose to treading in our Hyundai in June, prior to the test drive, just ont he LOOKS of the Lancer… after the test drive?
    It felt isolated from the road, slow..sedan-like, for a supposed sporty car..NO.
    the Cobalt had more pick up!

    Suzuki is thisclose(or was) last year, to outselling Mitsu…

    build them in china, add a diesel, 15K tops, 0-60 in8 seconds.. Maybe I’d look.

  2. Wow. The front of the S40 and the rear of a C30. Why don’t they just wait to see the next S60 to get inspiration for the Galant.

  3. This is obviously the upcoming Lancer Sportback.. and I’m torn because the previous concept version was much swoopier in the rear, but this is definitely less boxy than the previous-generation Sportback. A compromise that may alienate both camps and please no one!

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