Mitsubishi Evo X

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I think these are final production pictures.
Not 100% sure. hey, they look like it…

Much classier looking than the new Subaru, that’s for sure…

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  1. the 08 wrx sti seen in the latest spy pix @ the ring looks like crap… i hope the 08 wrx limousine will also make sti. the boy racers won’t be caught dead in that ugly hatchback….

  2. the spy shots of the STI look way better than the EVO X with its Darth Vader grill. sorry i’m just not a fan of this new EVO the old was pretty good. this one i’ll pass. n i dunno how the words EVO and Classy can be used in the same sentence. its like an oxymoron.

  3. A bit of flair has been lost in the translation from the first concept to the production car, but it’s still drop dead gorgeous in my opinion

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