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I think it looks better with every picture.
Nothing striking, but better than the current one. and not worse than anything in the same price range.
It will sell like crazy.

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    1. Big Vince,

      I agree w/ you 100%. It looks kind of nice for the US based and made model. I assume that the Acura
      equivalent will be up soon too. My only complaint, is that the side profile looks a little Altima/G35 with the
      rear passenger windows, but still a nice advancement.
      HONDA, please dont forget to ship more JDM models like the CROSSROAD and CRX (when avail).

    2. Most sedans are conservatively styled because many adults don’t fit comfortably in racy, coupe-like bodies.

      The 2008 Accord looks just as good as any other similarly-sized sedan and better than most. Expect this car to sell in droves–new Accords will be EVERYWHERE you go in a few months. That’s because Accords are superior in the way they drive and their service record is first-rate, too.

      Most important for the Accord to be more appealing than the Camry and I think it is. When it comes to overall driving dynamics, the Accord is among the best cars available at any price. And the ultra-smooth 4 cylinder Accord has plenty of guts and is economical, too.

      My only complaint is that the ’08 Accord no longer has a protective rub strip on the side which is ridiculous, but follows BMW, Mercedes, Toyota Camry, and others. Door dings forever, I guess. Too bad!

    3. Could not agree more Vince. This Accord is nice. Honda will have a hell of a time keeping up with demand. Hope it maintains excellent handling.

    4. …IMHO, still nowhere near as good looking as the European Accord, which I think is sold in the States as Acura TSX. And the next European Accord, which will be based on the Honda Sports 4 Concept, is going to be even more beautiful. It’s a pity you Americans miss out on the best-looking Honda cars. No wonder most of you seem to regard Hondas as boring, styling-wise. Here in Europe, it’s almost the opposite. The European Civic is a smash hit with boy racers.

    5. “I think it looks better with every picture.
      Nothing striking, but better than the current one. and not worse than anything in the same price range.
      It will sell like crazy.”

      Wot? you got to be kidding. The rear end looks butt ugly – a 5 series clone, and a bad one at that. and those cut lines between the front fender, fascia and hood are just messy.

      I’m sure if it had a GM or Ford badge on it, you would be bashing it. The new Malibu looks a whole lot better.

      You are right about one thing though – it will sell like crazy.

    6. sure it’ll sell, it’s a Honda!

      that aside, I think the design is old.
      It’s nothing as modern as the new camry.

      Any idea what kind of engines will we get? That might be worth more than the design.

    7. This Accord design sure blows the Camry out of the water, and leave Nissan looking like its got too much “junk in the trunk.”

      Nice job, Honda.

      The side/rear view is what BMW’s 5-series should’ve looked like from the beginning.

    8. One thing is for sure: this looks a helluva lot better than the current Accord. The current one looks awkward and ungainly.

    9. This new Accord looks a lot better than the current one. The current one looks frumpy…Like its from New Jersey or something.

    10. One word: UGLY! Looks like a Saturn. The coupe looks way better./ I don’t think Toyota has anything to worry about. Not that it ever did.

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