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A nice looking car. I still don’t see many of the regular Lancers in the streets.
I guess Mitsubishi is still having a hard time selling their no-performance models…

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  1. I have seen more than I expected already in Seattle. The first one I saw was in early June and a lot more since then here in Seattle.

  2. Lancer loses because it competes with faster-and-nimblier Civic and Mazda 3. EVO X will win because it competes with uglier-and-slower STI.

  3. So do you think they’ll make another Fast and Furious movie. Perhaps it can be called “Fasterer and Furiouserer…er!”

    On a more serious note, I think it’ll sell better than the new WRX, but we’ll see.


  4. We saw these things on a lot(regular Lancer) in May… and test drove one( with the intention of buying one).

    We did not buy one. It was the ES(>iirc)?… it did not have the paddle shifter…just the normal CVT…and it was a slug.
    It was nothing like our (waaay faster, nicer, better handling, and better MPG) tC!
    I thought, from the looks, they had a winner.
    No is the answer to that!

    The steering felt numb, felt isolated(in general) from the road,and it was slow….
    the manual the guy said took 9.1 seconds to 60, and OVER 10 seconds to 60 with the CVT!!!!!!!
    I drove a Versa SL(5 door)… with CVT…and it felt sporty vs the Lancer!
    I read the Versa hits 60 between 9.2-9.5 seconds, with CVT!
    Why can’t the horrible base Lancers?
    Suzuki comes out with a real sporty little SX4 sedan this Fall, and it handles 8/10ths as well as our tC… Mitsu may lose some potential sales to little old Suzuki!
    I’m not joking, either( drive the SX4 CUV… it’s more sporty handling, etc, than the Lancer, and it already weighs a few hundred LBS more than the SX4 sedan will, I heard).
    Just Sad.
    Too bad you got to spend 30K to get a decent Lancer… where as Mazda3 is better, tC, maybe even the Tiburon is better(pricing is almost the same…this is why I compare them)!?

  5. you all might want to check sales figures before you base your facts, off 2 lines that were posted on this site, which based on how many were seen…..both the lancer and outlander are doing well for mitsubishi, the old lancer was ugly and misshapen the new one is much better looking and quality inside and out, its that old believe anything you read thing lol

  6. its getting old where idiotic people still compare the EVO to a WRX or “uglier and slower STI.”
    First off Mitsubishi doesn’t have any car that can compete in the same sales bracket with the WRX. I think people confuse the EVO with the WRX. The EVO is a $35K+ car where as the WRX is $24K. The 08 STI has not been seen nor has there been specs for it to be compared to the EVO. the STI will be $35K+ so when it is released then compare it to the EVO until then compare a EVO to a G37 or 335i or something.

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