New Kia concept in September

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We’ll see if this will end up as a real car later.
I was surprised tosee the Soul actually being produced.

So this might be a bit more than a tease….

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  1. Vince, in Dec 2006, I told you all about the Soul being produced right here on this site.
    I went to the chat with Len Hunt( it was early December..think the 7th?)….
    transcript should be posted over there somewhere….
    he veryfied it would be produced, but he said it would be read now, vs early next year. That was the only mistake on the topic of the Soul.
    Sorry to be a jerk…lol 😉
    I have heard over and over again, on various sites( at one time,, future vehicle, 2009…then it was taken down, and also on motortrend, etc,,future vehciles, then taken down)….
    that Kia would have a sport(Tibby sized) fwd sporty car for 09(MY or CY, unknown).
    I did ask Mr Hunt, and he never answered directly, just kept saying they were keeping an eye on Scion( as , supposedly, many pontential Scion buyers also cross-shop Kia)…and the Soul is a answer to the old xB, it appears, so this may be something ot battle the wildly popular(and selling tons of, or were last year, nearly 80,000 units of 3 door) tC.
    We shall soon see.
    If they build this, and it’s decent enough…. I’ll check it out!
    Looks good.
    Have a good one.
    PS:the weird light strips around the headlights to the grille is odd,but it’s concept time,people(for the person calling this”silly”..what do you call the Sebring, Genius?LOL).
    maybe a strip of turn signal lights(LED) at the bottom of lights/bumper would look ok? I don’t know.

  2. The Frankfurt Motor Show is still a couple of months away, but the trickle of pre-show teasers and announcements has already begun. The latest release is from Kia, which will be presenting a new 2+2 sports coupe concept at the September show designed and constructed at its Frankfurt design studio. Similar in size to the Audi TT, the unnamed concept is expected to hit production as a relatively cheap RWD sports car.

    The new concept was penned by Chief Design Officer Peter Schreyer as a follow up to his attractive ex_cee’d cabrio concept from March’s Geneva show. Schreyer, in fact, is in charge of reshaping Kia’s whole new brand identity and character and admits that he’s been given a rare opportunity to design a car with a clean sheet to work from.

    There’s a lot riding on this latest concept because it’ll reveal the new face for Kia and is one of the first steps in its new product strategy of focusing on design. If the ex_cee’d cabrio is anything to go by, Kia’s new offerings are shaping up to be very exciting.
    [Source: Kia]
    found this on is ok for straight line racing, but not in 6 inches of snow(and no, i hate buying 600-800 dollar tires to use 4 months per year, extra set of snow tires, for 2-3 years).

    I was hoping for a Scion tC conpetitor…FWD, 3 doors, under 18K msrp.
    Well, guess Scion won’t have to worry, unless they mess up the next generation sporty car.
    Heard it may be RWD(FUSE…look it up)… and Corolla will be 3 door coupe(maybe sporty? I don’t know).
    Guess all will be revealed in the next 2-3 months-or so( at Frankfurt, and at SEMA for the 09 Corolla).

  3. think the Audi designer isnow working for Kia(seriously). Too bad they do not know that cars like the Sporty Mazda3 and Scion tC both sell close to 100,000 each for their perspecitve makers…rwd foriegn cars sold how many( reason why they are, or were, gone form the USA…likeCamaro, etc, minus Mustang, for awhile).

    RWD is fine, but…gimme FWD over 4wd or rwd…
    (90% of the cars in drifts or ditches in snow storms herein the midwest are 4wd-due to being cocky, think ice is 4wd friendly, and rwd..well…it’s 40% rwd, 50% 4wd,adn maybe 10% fwd….stuck in snow…).
    No thanks. Gimme fwd… all season tires, good enough for me,
    I don’t “drift” race… or race at all.
    Gimme a Mazda3/tC competitor, not this. Hyundai will have a rwd sporty car…and dump fwd tibby… so what are they smokin?
    fwd tibby like car for Kia, rwd for hyundai(Kia is supposed to be youth brand, hyundai more upscale market).starting to be more like chevy/pontiac.
    saemcars , slightly different prices and body styles.

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