New Subaru ad.

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Just making sure we know it’s Japanese.

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  1. The background is definitely more chinese than japanese. But again, average joe can’t tell the differences.

  2. It is interesting that so many have said that this car is ugly. As a long time Subaru fan, I think this car looks very dated but not necessarily ugly. I think the new Camry is ugly whereas the Mazda 3 hatch looks good to my eyes!
    Subaru makes good cars but unfortunately they just can’t seem to create a got-to-have-it design. It’s a shame, because if they did, they would sell so much better, since they have the backing of Consumer Reports. Are you listening Subaru?

  3. LOL

    exactly… what do you expect from GM people? They don’t know their Chinese and Japanese cultures!

    Not sure when Toyota influence will take effect on this little group, but it sure doesn’t look like it has any now. Still lots of GM carry-over

  4. Yeah its a Camry with a giant hood scoop. I think a lot of people are going to get the EVO X just because its less hideous. I doesn’t help that the Evo will probably perform better as well.

  5. In response to 8:11, tt could either be chinese or japanese. They both have similar painting styles. In fact, it’s more of the latter because the colors are not typically chinese.

    And yes, the car is hideous.

  6. Remember Sub, like nearly every other maker, want to copy Toyota. Sucks for those of us like me that find Toyota’s line up bad, well except for a V6 RAV4 or a 4-cyl Tacoma.

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