New Toyota Land Cruiser

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More of the same.

A big Highlander. Which itself looks like a big RAV4…
I guess it’s that “German syndrom”. Where Audi, BMW or Mercedes have basically one design in different sizes.

Just like sausages…

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  1. that looks just like the lexus lx, inside and out just minus some chrome here and there, and leather and wood. the whole charge thousands more for a luxury suv that offers no real difference is really played out, just like with the qx, at least the navigator and escalade can be told apart from the cheaper cars they are based on, and have different interiors, and not just that but the landcruiser will cost as much as the navigator and escalade and with an interior like that…..

  2. Are there really any appealing vehicles in this class? Hopefully this class will disappear like dinosurs that they are.

  3. What a waste of bandwidth. It would have been better spent on some Chinese crash tests. Or another one of those tiny Italian cars.

  4. “Are there really any appealing vehicles in this class?…”

    Yep, lots. The Range Rover Sport, the Escalade if you like bling, the Acadia or Denali if you don’t like bling, the BMW X5, The MB G-class. Just about everything is better than this vanillamobile.

  5. This class of vehicles will never disappear unless gas price is in the $4.00 to $5.00 range. I don’t mind if people really need one (i.e. big family, construction etc) but most of them I see on the road is just 1 to 3 people in them and to the mall.

  6. Am I the only one who likes the new Land Cruiser? I think it looks much more “dignified” than the new LX, and its cheaper with pretty much the same levels of equiptment other that a few gimmics. The Land Cruiser looks descreet and inoffensive. It just depends on the price I guess, and also, that picture shows it with that ugly and cheap looking stripe on the side so just imagine it without it.

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