New VW Minivan

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Could this be the the VW version of the new Chrysler minivans?

If it is, they did quite a bit of work on it.
The rear part looks completely different. So they might even have a new interior.
Seems like it might be more than a Chrysler van with a VW logo after all…

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  1. So, is this combination of VW’s name on a Dodge van another merger of equals or merger of substandards?

    At least it’s possible to ignore 2 lousy brands by NOT buying only one vehicle.

  2. I think VW has improved in quality and reliability over the past couple of years. My friend has a 2006 jette TDI which has 42000km and no problems yet….

    This van at least looks MUCH better than its Chrysler counterparts from what i can see.

  3. This looks oddly similar to a test car I saw last night. It was a tall, wagon/minivan type thing, silver, with a fiat-ish or vw-ish overall look to it.

    I saw it around midnight last night, mostly camoed except for the greenhouse and some of the beltline, turning off of Sunset boulevard onto Kenter.

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