No more Infiniti FX35

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Well… Kind of…

It will actually be replaced by the FX 37. The all new redesigned version will use the new 3.7 Liter engine. They might even squeeze a bit more power from it than in the G37 Coupe. As much as 330hp.
That is more than a lot of V8s.
I wonder if they are going to even keep the V8 version.

The all new FX 37 will be introduced at the Geneva Auto show. (should be around February)
Infiniti is getting ready to take over Europe… (or at least, try..)

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  1. I’m European and I always thought it was a shame that the FX (or any Infiniti for that matter) wasn’t sold here, especially given that Lexus doesn’t seem to be doing badly. The FX is one of the most attractive SUVs in the world, IMHO, if not THE most attractive. I really hope the styling of the new model, the one we’ll be finally getting, doesn’t screw things up.
    By the way, the Geneva show always takes place in the first half of March. Next year’s will be from the 6th to the 16th.

  2. I can’t wait to see the new model. I’ve driven the FX35 and it’s pretty good except for the interior. It handles very well for an SUV and the 3.5L V6 always had enough power. I heard the 4.5L V8 versions weren’t selling at all though. If they keep the price at the lower end of the luxury SUV segment, the FX will continue to be a great competitor.

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