Now for the all new one.

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That’s the 1st time I see the car actually driving around.
It looks as good as on the pictures.

I hear they include a 5 year warranty in Europe. With prices starting at !2 500 Euros.

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  1. Cute, but an adult male would look as silly in that thing as he’d look in a VW Beetle.
    The new, baby Fiat is a chick car–for teenaged girls only.

  2. Actually I have read in some places that prices would start at 10.000 euros for the most basic version. It does sound a tad too optimistic, but given the small size of the car, I think that Fiat would be taking a risk if they overprice it. Mini may get away with high prices, but Fiat quality is not BMW quality.

  3. Vince,

    Fire the guy in the music dept.. You need something more electronic to bring in the modern age 500.


  4. I have to agree with d jones, is this a joke???? I know he is talking about the music for this video, but I am talking about the car. Fiat should sell this vehicle in the U.S. as a Yugo! Yugo has more brand recognition than Fiat does here and people will not have any false assumptions about the quality of the product they are buying.

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