One more Kia Mesa teaser

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The photo at the bottom is the concept.
The production version (top) seems pretty close.

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  1. I’d rather buy the Toyota FJ Cruiser.
    Own an 04 sonata gls v6… and compared to our 05 tC… it feels like the Sonata should cost 17K, and the tC 21K… BIG DIFFERENCE in quality( btw, the tC has 80K+ miles now, and the Sonata 43K…and the tC is still more solid and quiet, and just nicer, except for 200-300 mile trips, then the Sonata seats are better, and that’s it. The Sonata is better in long trips, and we make those maybe 1-2 times per…).
    MAYBE by 2010, when the 2011 Kia’s and Hyundai’s( Next generation of vehicles) come out.. I MIGHT consider one… not now.

    Only the Azera is decent, it seems. Maybe this will be , too, this Kia Mesa, but(just like the Axera) at (rumors of) 25-30K.. it had better be good!!!!
    MPG better be around decent, too, vs the competition.
    They may sell some…. there are people, for whatever reasons, “need” these types of vehicles.
    take it easy.

  2. So, who was first? Toyota with their FJ concept, or Kia with the Mesa? I think they came out pretty much close together, didn’t they?
    Too bad Kia did not design it 100% like the Mesa… the headlights look bland now on the production vehicle.

    They should have brought over (an slightly longer version, say larger than the Kia Rio sedan, shorter than the Spectra)… Pro’Ceed 3 door sporty hatch from Europe, vs this gas guzzler( at a time when gas guzzler sales are going downwards, and smaller cars sales are going upwards).

    Maybe a Diesel engine would help?

  3. Hyundai and Kia still build crappy vehicles. My personal experience with these cars are simply not in sync with JD Powers. But I have to say that this looks very very cool. If they build it, they’ll sell tons.

  4. Its interesting.

    I actually like it, I’m not saying I would but it though. I am waiting for Kia’s resale to improve. There is a guy at work who has a new Optima and it is a nice ride.


  5. I absolutely LOVE this vehicle. It won’t sell though. FJ from toyota is a dud, and this is the same type of market and I own a Sorrento, it’s pure garbage. I can’t get rid of it because the dealer that sold it to me won’t give me anything on trade -in. I can tell you one thing for sure, the dealer in North Bay, Ontario, Canada is terrible.

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