Peugeot 207 SW wagon

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I think there would be a market for this car in the US.
A small, modern, stylish wagon.
Nothing wrong with that.

Another great film brought to you by your best friend, Vince Burlapp…

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  1. This looks great. Unusual, quirky, and so typically French (and it looks so much better than the 308). Nice little car.

    Speaking of nice little cars, the new Opel Agila would make a great addition to Saturn’s lineup here and a good alternative to the Aveo.

    And monkeys might fly out of my butt.

  2. The guy in the music dept depicted some French culture and got me a little excited to want to drive on of these frog mobiles myself. Vince, will the French
    come to the US?

    It would be a nice European comeback to see Alfa, Peugeot, Citreon (spelling?), Fiat cross our shores once again. If Mayback, Mini and Maserati can do it, they can too….but please no Chinese cars.

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