Peugeot 407 in the US???

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This rumor is coming from Motor Trend, so take it with a grain of salt.

Peugeot could be using the Mitsubishi plant in Illinois to build its mid sized sedan for the south American market.
I guess from there, Motor Trend assumes the French car maker would sell the car in the US as well.
There is a connection between Peugeot and Mitsubishi. They already sell the new Outlander as a Peugeot and a Citroen in Europe.
So that part is real.
And Peugeot might very well be building cars in the US for other markets. But they do not have any dealers here.
That would cost them a fortune to set up. For only one model.
Makes no sense to me.

But Motor Trend also mention they might just turn the 407 (Or the next one, the 408) into the next Mitsubishi Galant.
That makes a lot more sense.
What do you think???

Would that mean the beginning of a Peugeot/Mitsubishi alliance???

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  1. I would really like to see a 407/408 based Galant. How old is this 407? Is there any word when the new 408 is coming out?


  2. And build a good looking Mitsubishi? Nah – that doesn’t sound compatible with their marketing strategy…

  3. that would be a smart move, but especially so if peugeot could certify their diesel engines for the american market. i highly doubt mitsubishi could come up with such a competent midsized sedan on its own. does anyone remember the current galant?

    look at what the aura (based on an opel/vauxhall) did for saturn

  4. the 407 is from 2004, it isnt even facelifted, so no word about a 408 … dont know if this would make sense, peugeot and citroen only made their suvs because there isnt a big market for FRENCH SUVs here in europe … so it would be too expensive for them to make one on theirt own … but for mitsubishi, it would make sense to build a new galant on their own, which matches with their model lineup … so i think this roumour is senseless

  5. Now that’s an idea that makes sense. Mitsu’s latest design has become indistinguishable and blah and their sales have suffered enourmously for it. At least peugot still has some style left (even though their designs have stayed the same for way too long).

    They should just sell peugot designed cars here in the us.

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