Porsche 911 GT2

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Showing up with 530hp!
Back in the old days, the “turbo” version of the 911 was the “big guy”. I guess now they call it the GT2…

I was never a big fan of Porsche cars. But that’s jsut because I don’t really enjoy driving fast, and that’s pretty much what they’re for.

But I do appreciate the fact they always find a way to come up with modern versions of their classic, unique, design.
I don’t like skirts and spoilers, but the regular 911 is a very classy car, with a jewel like interior.
Plus, the quality seems very impressive in the latest JD Powers studies.

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  1. Vince, the Turbo still is the “Big Guy”, just think of the GT3 as the “Guy with Big Balls”, since its rwd vs awd.

  2. The Turbo is the “Everyday” supercar. While the GT3 is on par with the Turbo, in terms of price/prestige/power but its track focused, lighter, more “hardcore”. The GT2 is the GT3 and Turbo smashed together: lighter, more powerful than either, hardcore to the max.

    Vince, I admire your forthwrightness in saying that you don’t like to drive fast. I also find it sorta odd that you’re so into cars. That probably says more about the fact that there is something for everybody to love about cars.

  3. Well.. Where I live, you can’t really drive fast anywhere.
    95 mph, or maybe 100 is pretty much as fast as I could go on the freeway. Once in a great while.
    Most of the time you are stuck with 65 to 75.
    You either have to wait in traffic, or be totally stressed out watching for cops.
    It’s not worth it to me.
    So I relax and listen to a lot of music.
    Plus the roads in L.A aren’t what I would call smooth. Most of them anyway…

    But I do understand the lure of fast driving.
    It is fun when you can do it.
    A friend of mine took me for a ride up Laurel Canyon in his Boxter, and it was great.

    If you’re going to go fast, there isn’t a much better way to do it than in a Porsche…

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