Renault Twingo CC convertible

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The new Twingo is barely out and Renault is already showing the upcoming (Summer 2008) convertible version.
A rather weird looking little 2 seater with a retractible hard top.

The look kind of reminds me of the old Honda Del Sol. (The good old days when Honda was actually trying out new stuff)

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  1. Yep, I am thinking the same thing Vince, back when Honda had primo offerings and had the balls to release cars like the del Sol.

  2. Not bad looking and pretty cool actually. Pleasant surprise from Renault.
    Although it does seem to be answering the old TR7 design brief of “give us all the disadvantages of a mid-engined package but without the dynamic advantages of actually being mid-engined..”

  3. It’s not a sport model with a more powerful engine, it’s just an aero kit with alloy wheels, we have it here in canada since 2006 it’s called yaris RS.

  4. Cute, but like so many sporty cars though (like the soon dead RSX) its profile is too high and screams too much city subcompact. For instance there’s allot of Prius in the front end.

  5. I think it’s clever and funky, but I’d feel like I was touching my toes just to open the doors. Why are those handles so close to the ground?

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